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Knitting at Christmas time

9 Dec

So Christmas is almost here and I have not finished any of the projects that I set out to finish this year for Christmas gifts. So many things have contributed to my lack of completion this year. Illness, the passing of a loved animal, a new job, and so many more things that have kept my hands and mid busy from knitting.

Hopefully I will make a comeback at the beginning of 2017. Please wish me luck and know that I am sending you all a Merry Christmas.


Gut feelings

22 Feb

knit the hell out

Sometimes you ignore the nagging feeling that something isn’t right with a project and maybe 30 rows or so later you actually check your work. Sigh. I have been working on a Smithfield pullover the last few days. I kept thinking the shoulders looked a little narrow yesterday, but the finished pic in the pattern looked so great, so I just trusted everything was ok. Well, the pattern is correct. My brain just overlooked one line that instructed me to repeat a couple of rows four more times. I just merrily moved onto the next set of repeats, not even bothering to count my total stitches because I was feeling confident. So today when I figured it out, this:smithfield mistake-2became this: smithfield mistake-3Ugh. At least I figured it out before I completed the third set of increase repeats. It could be worse. I’m blaming pregnancy brain for this one, as well…

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Pine Nut Syndrome

27 Jan

I am sure you are wondering what the heck I am saying here with a title like “Pine Nut Syndrome” and trust me a few days ago I would have been right there with you. I will attempt to explain so please bear with me.

Pine Nut Syndrome is where certain people eat pine nuts and then for days even weeks later have a very bitter or bad taste in their mouth, which is worse after eating or drinking, (or in my husbands case just salivating). It is not a harmful syndrome unless you stop eating all together, (which I have almost done).

This started shortly after I went grocery shopping. I decided to purchase my own ingredients to make a trail mix for my husband and myself. I did not like the selection the store was offering, too many sweat things and not enough of the nuts and cranberries and such that I prefer. So I wanted to try pin nuts in this home-made trail mix as well. My best friend Beckie loves pine nuts. She however gets hers from the American Indian reservation and a good friend of hers. I have tried those before and they were good so I figured all pine nuts were the same.

Boy was I wrong. After a quick search on Bing and then a follow-up call to the nurse at my doctor’s office it was confirmed that what my husband and I were suffering from was Pine Nut Syndrome. I did more research and learned that we had eaten Chinese pine nuts. Not that Chinese pine nuts are bad just that I learned that scientists believe that most of the trouble with this syndrome happens the majority of the time because people consumed Chinese pine nuts. Again, I have tried pine nuts from an area in Nevada/California and did not have a problem but the bad taste has happened with the foreign pine nuts. So I am willing to believe what the scientists have speculated upon in this instance.

So anyway, my husband and I have days if not weeks to slowly get over this nasty taste in our mouths. I really don’t think I will ever want to eat pine nuts again. Not if just after a bite I could suffer for days. And I really don’t have the desire to eat. Every time I try it is ruined by the lingering bitterness so I may not eat much until food tastes good again. Maybe I will lose a few pounds, I know this is not a good way to lose weight but you try having this problem and see how appetizing food is to you. Sorry, a little grouchy from the yuck taste and the lack of nourishment.

So on to a topic that I want to talk about. My knitting is still on hold, I spun a little on my new drop spindle. It is a Turkish drop spindle and I love that as you spin you wind around the arms on the bottom of the spindle, around what is the whorl and when the cop is full you just slide the components apart and you have a nice neat little ball of singles waiting for a mate to be plied with and to top it off the little ball you have is a center pull. I spun some “woolly cup cakes” from a merchant on Etsy. I love the Border Leicester wool that I get from her. The colors are always fun and the wool is soft and easy for me to spin.

Someday I will have enough money and energy to buy a whole fleece and do the whole process myself. I am sure that I would enjoy knowing that I washed, carded or combed, spun and then dyed my very own fleece. And then to turn it into something or several somethings would be a massive achievement. I look forward to that day.

So long for now and I hope that all of you have a wonderful and fiber productive week. I know I am looking forward to a fiber productive week. I am hoping to get at least one of my unfinished projects completed and off the needles this week.

To finish or to begin?

4 Jan

Finish the knitting I have already begun or start something new? I have been reading another Blogger’s posts and have been inspired by not only the words of the blogger but the cold weather that we have been suffering. Well maybe not suffering. It has been cold but it doesn’t stay cold long.

We did have snow this morning and my husband needed to drive the one working vehicle out of the two we own to work overtime today. He called me at 6 am to tell me that the vehicle overheated and that he thought it was going to catch on fire. No fire thankfully but now out poor truck is stranded most of the way to his place of employment and is awaiting tomorrow morning to contact the mechanic to have it towed to his shop and have the necessary work done so that we will once again have a reliable vehicle. Which is the other reason I have been thinking of starting a new project.

I want to make sure that everyone in my house has warm mittens and hats and socks and such. I am awaiting the delivery of my recently purchased wool from knitpicks. I plan to make several pairs of mittens called Northman Mittens. I believe that I found the pattern on Revelry but I am not sure. I love the fact that the pattern has you knit color work on the outside and then knit another pair of mittens that are the liner. So in my mind there are three layers of wool on your hands to block out the cold and wind. We have much wind here in the Tri-Cities, Washington.

I will try to figure out how to post pictures and also how to take decent photos of my work and my yarn. I will try to keep this blog going and shoot for a couple of times a week. No promises but a definite desire to follow through.

Hello world!

3 May

I started this blog to share with others and hopefully have others share with me the love of knitting, as well as ideas, tips, help, life stories and friendship. I am not looking for popularity or fame. I just want a network of people that enjoy the same thing I do.

So lets see if I can follow through. Maybe a couple posts a week and if not then at least two a month. Maybe someone who chooses to follow me can email a reminder if I start falling behind. I am sure that there are some of you out here that will do that without me asking. So thank you ahead of time.