Remembering to take time for me

23 Jan

The last couple days have been slow going in the knitting department for me. I posted a reply on another persons post. I really connected with what she was writing. She was writing that she has been eying her spinning wheel because of all the have to knit things that she had done over the last several months. I find that I feel similar. I definitely didn’t knit as much as she did for Christmas and such, maybe someday I will be in her league but not now. I need to get my arthritis in “remission” before I can be as fast and accomplished a knitter as my idol. If you don’t know who I am talking about then I might as well mention her now, it is the yarn harlot, Stephanie Pearl-McFee. I love reading her blog, I get so many ideas and some really good laughs. I want to be her when I grow up. Which is funny to me because I have read on her blog that she wants to grow up to be someone else as well. I don’t remember who she said she wants to grow up to be but I am sure if I poke around on her blog long enough I can find the exact mention, somewhere. I won’t however do that because as much as I like reading her blog I do have my own things to accomplish.

I have decided that if I am really feeling down about knitting or just unmotivated then I will get out either the drop spindle, the supported spindle or the wheel and spin a little. It always helps me to find something to get me back into knitting. I know if I torture myself too much  by just pushing through and knitting, knitting, knitting even when I feel less than inspired then I will resent my knitting. And I am sure you can agree that renting anything that should be good and relaxing or at least fun makes for bad karma.

Anyway, I hope all of you, (if there are any of you out there reading this), enjoy your weekend. Yes, I know that today is only Thursday, but I am sure that I won’t get a chance to post over the weekend. My husband is working and both boys will be home all weekend as well as my youngest sons girlfriend. So again, have a great weekend and do something for yourself, even if it is something small. I know that I will spend time meditating at the spinning wheel creating yarn for some future project. So I will be remembering to take time for me.


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