Disappointed in myself

20 Jan

I am a little disappointed in myself for the reason that I have not posted in a while. I feel bad that I made a commitment to my potential readers and to myself. I can tell you and myself that mostly it is that I am lazy but that there are other factors in this lack of posting and laziness. I have been toiling over this loom knit pattern. I mean that I was at a point during the fourth rip out that I was going to literally pull my hair out. I shouldn’t make excuses. I know what I need to do and I am going to follow through. I just really want to get this loom knitting project done.

I like the pattern, I love the yarn, well actually I love the idea of the pattern and the quickness of the thick yarn. I HATE this actual pattern and loom knitting and well if I was smarter I would just figure out how to convert this to knitting on needles. I really don’t enjoy loom knitting and will probably sell all my knitting looms once I am done with this project.

I am now starting the second part of this pattern and praying that I took notes well enough that I can duplicate what was successful about the first part.

Okay, I know, “what is the pattern?”, well I will tell you.

The pattern is for a pair of boots designed for the “Knitting Board” and the pattern is included with the leather souls. The name is “Willobee Boots”. I really want these to turn out right but I feel as though I am never going to get these right.

Problems: 1. There is not enough yarn to complete the project. I purchased the correct yarn in the required yardage according to the pattern. 2. The pattern is WRONG. I followed the pattern to the letter, the first go through. I wear a a shoe in sizes that vary from US 8 to 9 1/2 depending on the manufacturer. I followed the pattern for the medium size which is what the soul is sized for as well. Upon completion the boot was too big for my 20 year old son who wears a size US 12 in mens. I am using the same Knitting Board that the pattern calls for and still I had to rip back 4 times and make several adjustments. I have one boot completed so far as the knitting. I still need to weave in ends and sew on the leather bottom. But the boot fits and isn’t too bad. If I can complete both of the boots I am sure that I will love them and wear them all winter. 3. By the time I obtain the remaining yarn needed to complete the second boot, winter will be over and I will have to wait until next winter to wear the boots. 4. I don’t have enough yarn to finish the second boot and the store is out of the color I need. Wow! just my luck that the color I chose would end up being so popular.

I have looked online for any information on pattern Erratas for this particular gem. And what has this gotten me, nothing, but tired eyes and being sick of the computer.

Anyway, I am hoping that someone, somewhere will have better luck with this pattern as well as any information that could help me with completing this for myself. I have boot souls for two pair and am waiting for the package that has the other color of yarn to arrive so that I can make the second pair. I need to also go to the store and check to see if the color I need to purchase is back in stock. I can’t believe that I would pick the one color that is suddenly popular.

So now that I have been typing away and probably not making much sense I will let you all go and give an update soon…well as soon as I finish the boots I will give an update about those. I am hoping to get other projects completed soon, just don’t want to take a break from the boots until they are done. I know myself and know that if I don’t complete these soon while all the adjustments are fresh in my mind, I may not be able to decipher my notes. I will write my notes down in a readable manner after I am done with the making of the boots.


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