W.I.P. continued

8 Jan

A few days ago I said wrote that I was going to sit down with all of my w.i.p. and figure out which I want to finish and which I want to ditch. Well I got most of the way through them. I only ditched three thus far and actually finished one.

This may be harder to decide upon then I originally thought. I keep finding projects that I forgot about. You know, I was moving some things around on my sewing table (which is currently being used as a holding pattern for U.F.O.’s, unfinished objects) and bam! there is another knitting project. So I am officially up to 18 items that are on the needles. Otherwise known as W.I.P.’s or Works in Progress.

I have 6 items that I am desperate to cast on but have promised not only myself but my husband that I would finish some of the w.i.p. before casing on anything new. I know that this is going to be difficult for me but I am sure that with help from my friends and family I will do great.

In other news…we discovered that one of our vehicles has a cracked head and have decided to have our mechanic install a new to us engine. While we are waiting for that $3,000.00 disaster to be over we are having him install a new starter in our car tomorrow. I just want all of this to be over. My husband wants to spend the money on a newer if not new car and I keep telling him that I think we as Americans throw too many things away. It is a repairable item that costs less than a new car so lets get it fixed. And this time lets keep up with the up keep on the vehicle instead of waiting too long and having it cost way more than it should have.


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