W.I.P. How many is too many?

5 Jan

I have decided that today I am going to sit down with all my W.I.P., (Works In Progress), and decide which ones need to be finished, “Frogged”, or just put to rest in little pieces and given to the nature walk for the birds and other wild life to use for nesting materials. Because I mean, really, how many is too many?

I love to start new projects, I love to finish projects. I however don’t love to finish all projects that I start. There are those projects that are wonderful and enchanting when I start them and then they either get boring or just don’t seem to take the proper shape that I was imagining. I know it isn’t fair to the project, the yarn, the needles, the pattern, they are all usually lovely but for whatever reason I fall out of love with what I am working on and am on to the next lovely pattern with new and exciting possibilities.

I have so many w.i.p. and since I am dealing with a Rheumatoid Arthritis flare right now and it is painful to knit for as long as I want to knit and as much as I usually can, I want to at least decide which items should be finished.

I have this really wonderful and easy to knit hat that I started a little over 2 years ago. It is from a pattern called “#345 Silver Lining Hat” from Valley Yarns and I found it from Knitting Daily TV but on the Interweave Store site. I added a link if you click on the title of the hat in this blog. It is knit with lace weight yarn and is lined and fully reversible. I decided to use a blue for one side and purple for the other side instead of the colors that were suggested. The colors were not bad just not my tastes.

I think the reason that I stopped knitting this hat is because one it is for me and I have issues finishing things for myself, I am still working on why, and two because it was really easy and I was ready to start something else. I dove right into knitting cables. I made a wonderful hat for my husband and his brother. A rally nice plain gray color with a simple cable that travels diagonally one direction and then half way up changes direction up the other way to the very top. The hat was so popular that my husbands grandmother has asked me to make one for her gardener. I then found that I had a desire to knit fair isle. I am currently stuck in that phase.

I guess I shouldn’t say stuck, more like I am happily residing there buying books, patterns, and yarn with grand ideas of mittens, hats, and socks. I know that I keep talking about small items but I have large items on the needles. I just don’t want to think about those right now. Especially since I have a plan to make two Cowichan jackets. one for my husband and one for me.  I need to save the money for the yarn for those two jackets and I need to shrink my w.i.p. pile.

Again, I will take pictures soon and hopefully add them to these postings.


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